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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3
First of all lets get it straight that when I rate games I rate them OUT OF 10 so 5 is average 7 is good , 3 is below average etc. As a call of duty fan since the first modern warfare game is the best IMO, I had enjoyed the multiplayer of the past few titles even if they were a little imbalanced as they were immersing, fast paced games which I always had fun playing even in MW2, as it always included me in the game even when I was getting my ass kicked I could always still pull off a cool kill or save my team's ass by taking down a heli. This game was a huge let down compared. The first reason I say this is because, even though the guns have never really had any "weight" behind them, I still felt I was shooting a gun and thought this was specifically well done in WAW however in MW3 especially with some of the guns it just feels as though you are clicking a button to kill someone completely killing the immersion and enjoyment out of a kill.

Also every single year the cod franchise tries to add new things to spice up the same formula much like pop music instead of tinkering with the core gameplay itself being afraid they'll mess it up. This time they added gun proficiencies and altered the perks and a few other minor things. Now its almost like there are too many variables for the developers to be able to alter so leads the game to be unbalanced as there are so many combinations. This makes for a frustrating multiplayer for serious players and casuals alike. Third of all the games are quicker online, you die more quickly kills are racked up faster. Im fine with that concept but not how it has been introduced. Firstly when Im playing I feel way more sluggish, Im guessing this is to compensate for millitary realism but in all honesty you don't play cod to feel like a guy in afghanistahn you play because you want to feel like a bad ass soldier out of an action movie shooting guys in the face. I feel so slow and so much less smooth compared to mw2 its like im being left out of the game and I feel that Im just a bystander to the game itself.

The maps are awful generic pieces of crap in all honesty. They have become smaller and smaller throughout the call of dutys due to design laziness and to create combat realistic situations which once again we don't care about if the game isn't fair or fun. There is no safe way to get from one of a map to the other even though they are so small as they are ridiculously open leading to camping being the tactic low level players use as they find it impossible to beat higher level players.

The gameplay and the shooting itself hasn't changed, quickscoping which I enjoyed and thought did take some skill (IMO) has been altered however Im on the fence of whether this is a bad thing or a good thing as snipers were OP in MW2.

The campaign is a hollow corridor shooter which puts you in the same situation in every mission with a different cinematic and new textures. The only way you can use the environment is explosive barrels and you are breadcrumb lead through the missions by your commanding officer whoever that may be. Overall this game is a big lousy corporate sell out which should of been much more innovative and brave in its design. Greed has gotten the better of the franchise to a point where it provokes no feeling when playing the game, its literally like standing in my house doing nothing to me.
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