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Thursday, 17 September 2015


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Industry Experts Reveal Big Data Strategies That Work

In this webinar, you'll discover how to:

  • Achieve significant improvements in business agility
  • Cut or defer unsustainable costs
  • Optimize valuable processing capacity for faster queries
  • Modernize your approach to data collection, management and analysis
  • Adopt advanced data analytics that can build a distinct competitive advantage for your business

How to Survive the Digital Transformation

Big data analytics are at the core of the transformation, and in many cases analytics is the means to succeed throughout that transformation. Robert Tercek, who has provided strategic insight to Turner Broadcasting, PBS, and other digital firms, discusses the role of analytics in the digital transformation.


Modernize Your Oracle Data Center Architecture

Find out how real world businesses have benefitted from modernizing their data center architecture to Cisco UCS Servers and SanDisk PCIe flash storage.

  • Slash costs in hardware and software by putting more workloads on fewer servers
  • Simplify management with a highly scalable, easy-to-deploy Oracle implementation
  • Decrease latency and a high number of I/O operations per second (IOPS)
  • Boost business productivity and agility

Use Mobile Analytics to See the Big Picture

Alex Glaser, a director with Harbor Research Inc., joins All Analytics Radio to discuss how enterprise analytics teams can use data and predictive analytics tools to drive operational efficiency and improve customer service.


Optimize your infrastructure to increase IT performance and minimize risk

Join this webinar and learn how your company can transition to more agile and flexible IT by streamlining infrastructure and taking advantage of virtual, cloud, and software-based architectures to provide more responsive, secure, and economical IT.


SSDs: Drive Your Business with Solid State Drive Storage

In this webinar, storage and computing experts will discuss how SSDs can:

  • Enable your organization to lower its annual laptop TCO
  • Achieve significant cost savings through lower IT labor and support costs
  • Provide increased employee productivity
  • Be introduced in a manner to preserve current assets while renewing outdated technology

Hire and Manage a Great Analytics Team

Join the radio show and you'll gain insight on:

  • How to identify the right mix of skills and experiences for your own organization
  • How factors such as corporate demands for big data apps, tight cybersecurity and the evolution of the IoT to raise the bar for the analytics team
  • How you can motivate, reward, and retain data science talent


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