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Sunday, 27 September 2015

     I'm gonna be showing how to make your computer run faster now..I showed he had to remove a news program which basically is the main reason you computer should be slow is because on news programs takes up memory space and slows down your computer's overall performance so on a mission you little something different this time which lenders will be many year and click on run if you have Windows Vista there should be a little search bar at the bottom of the start menu he just click Run and a shelf appear but for Windows XP click Run and I already have it here typed in but oddly decide to show you but the percent sign which is shipped a5 rate Tampa TMP and then shift by the camper percent time now with disabilities it'll bring up the Temporary Internet folding these are called junk files collected when you visit different web sites
sees different junk pictures and just different compounds that you computer really does need help so what you wanna do is go appear and then click Eddie then click Select All and instead of you could right click here and go down to to delete but what I do is have to I selected all you clicked you click shift delete hold on at the same time and I bring this up what that does is completely skip the recycling bin process
but I'm not gonna go ahead and do that now search is going to close this and move on so the next thing you wanna go to is control panel go ahead go to control panel November different options here the first when you see there's a parent in teams now this one and when you click on a printed the vehicle or years
screen resolution ardor make your computer run quicker but if you have a certain amount .I love megahertz or graphics card you could put the resolution high a new computer will still run smoother and icon to look crisp and everything look pretty good so next thing on a clip on his performance in maintenance
now want to click on AMC different options on the first one you want click on his free up space on your hard disk.I want to click on that in to bring up something called a disk cleanup now with that does she drive the C Drive is what holds all the programs and files and all the main stuff so what does it compacts the files to make a smaller file size which can make your computer run a lot quicker on the next one is remaining items
on the hard disk which is the C Drive when you click on out into a disk defragment and it's basically like
adding and removing programs but this time unused files instead so want to click analyze if it's your first time should take a while persons have done it before as you'll see now it should be pretty quick
rate their analyzed on terror think softer this what you gonna do is click defragment but I'm looking into now so ever done it someone go ahead and call centers and that's just some ways you can make your computer run a lot faster.
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