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Thursday, 6 August 2015


How Enterprises Are Attacking the Cloud Security Challenge
Wed, Sep 16, 2015 | 1PM EST | 10AM PST


No matter what their size or industry, most enterprises today are employing multiple cloud services and applications. But with their data running across many "clouds" that employ varying approaches to security, how can the enterprise ensure that its data is safe?

Join Dark Reading and CloudPassage for an insightful look at best practices and technologies for securing data in a multi-provider cloud environment. In a webcast featuring cloud security experts Michael Cobb and Sami Laine, Dark Reading and CloudPassage will offer a deep dive into issues such as how to:

  • Monitor key cloud security indicators
  • Enforce security policy across multiple cloud services
  • Build an incident response plan that enables internal security teams to work hand-in-hand with cloud service providers
  • Build dashboards that enable the enterprise to monitor security across multiple cloud providers

Attend this webinar to hear how the world has changed, and why we must change the way we secure it.

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Featured Speakers

Michael Cobb
Founder Cobweb Applications

Sami Laine
Principal Technologist


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