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Tuesday, 11 August 2015


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The Internet of Things, the Software Supply Chain and Cybersecurity

Join Dark Reading for a videocast featuring two of the industry's best-known voices: Chris Eng, VP of Research at Veracode and former NSA engineer; and Josh Corman, CTO of Sonatype and former security strategist at Akamai and IBM Internet Security Systems. You'll get first-hand insights into key questions such as:
  • How does the scale and complexity of the IoT lead to changes in the way we develop software applications and assess them for risk?
  • As software increasingly becomes assembled from reusable third-party and open source components and frameworks, how do we minimize risk from the software supply chain?
  • What is a basic cybersecurity checklist for developing secure IoT systems (e.g., encryption, authentication, segmentation, patching mechanisms, etc.)?
  • What are other attack surfaces beyond the endpoint device itself (web and mobile apps, back-end cloud services, etc.)?
  • With so many different platforms and protocols, how do you assess the maturity of suppliers in your supply chain?
  • What role should industry standards and government regulations play?

Intelligence-driven Incident Response

Cybersecurity teams today are swamped with disparate point tools, manual processes, and minimal access to critical enterprise data. This existing situation hinders analysts' ability to quickly develop the real-time actionable intelligence that's necessary for fast, effective cyber incident response.

It's time to change that to better address today's advanced threats.

In this webinar, top cybersecurity experts will discuss how incident responders can make faster, better-informed decisions using new tools and techniques applied to existing systems and data.


Winning the War Against Cyber Attackers

In this special videocast, two top experts on information security strategy will join Dark Reading senior editor Sara Peters in a frank discussion of methods for improving the detection and containment of cyber-attacks – before they become headline-inducing data breaches.

The Fantastic 4: Metrics you can't ignore when reducing application-layer risk

This webinar will provide an overview of the state of software security across different industry verticals, and talk with security experts from some of the world's leading organizations on the four metrics they use to benchmark their performance, measure success, report up to the board, and motivate development teams to fix vulnerabilities.


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