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Thursday, 30 July 2015


I'm Scott Belson, the SEO manager for

We're interested in exchanging links or publishing an article on

We are a logo design business that offers professional online tools for entrepreneurs who wish to create a corporate identity.

Our site is already well established on Google search engine:

- Create a logo: 2nd place
- Free logo: 4th place
- Logo design: 5th place
- Company logo: 4th place

Why create link exchanges / articles?

Link exchanges and article are crucial in building up your site's SEO.
Referencing methods such as link exchanges and articles increase considerably your visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo… and therefore increase your online sales!

Here's how it works:

Insert the following link on your home page and we'll add your link on our site in return:

<a href="" title="logo creator">logo creator</a>

This is a give and take proposal which can help you site grow!

If you are interested in posting an article, we will send you unique web content.
Here's an example of what we've published recently.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Belson / SEO Manager

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