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Monday, 20 July 2015

Big Data
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 July 20, 2015


9 Causes Of Data Misinterpretation
Data can prove just about anything. Most organizations want to come to the right decisions, but faulty conclusions and bad outcomes can happen. Here's why.
Microsoft's Cortana Analytics Looks To Simplify Big Data
Microsoft is planning to release a new suite of tools dubbed Cortana Analytics, which Satya Nadella claims will democratize big data.
IBM, National Instruments Partner For IoT Standards
IBM is joining forces with National Instruments to create a new test bed for creating standardization around the Internet of Things.
The Age Of Biotechnology Has Arrived
In a talk at this year's InformationWeek Conference, Adriana Karaboutis, a former Dell CIO and current executive vice president of technology and business solutions for Biogen, talked about how IT and healthcare are staring to fuse together, creating a new age of biotechnology.
Microsoft Buys Field Service Management Firm FieldOne
Microsoft is looking to increase its IT field services portfolio with the acquisition of FieldOne. The emphasis is on using analytics and big data to make services more efficient.



  • 7 Trends for the Future of ITSM

    Please join Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and Hewlett-Packard as we discuss the future of IT Service Management (ITSM) based on research recently conducted by EMA. We will also look at how these trends interact and impact overall ITSM initiative success.

  • How to Use Continuous Delivery to Accelerate Speed to Value

    Join us for a virtual panel discussion with experts in the field of continuous delivery where we'll explore the nuances involved and uncover nuggets of valuable information to give you an edge over your competition. In the end, not only ...



HTML5: 10 Tips That Will Change Your Life
HTML5 is the future of the Web. Whether you're a developer or a power user, there are things you should know about the Web's new programming foundation.

How To Mess Up Your First Days On The Job
Got a new gig? Congratulations. Make sure you start off on the right foot by avoiding these rookie slip-ups during your first few weeks at a new job.

9 Spectacular Cloud Computing Fails
For some of you, the cloud failures listed here may simply highlight areas where cloud service providers need to grow or adapt in order to better service their customers. For others, the examples may be more personal, as your data or applications may have been affected.

COBOL Leads Us Back To The Future
COBOL defined business software development for decades. Now, is it over the hill or just hitting its prime?

14 Security Fails That Cost Executives Their Jobs
Katherine Archuleta, the director of the Office of Personnel Management, is the latest casualty of a data breach, but she's certainly not the only one. There's no job security when your job is security.


9 Causes Of Data Misinterpretation



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