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Thursday, 25 June 2015

InformationWeek Virtual Panel

You Missed It, But You're Not Too Late:
InformationWeek Continuous Delivery Virtual Panel

Survival in the application economy means delivering innovative, high-quality applications, faster and more frequently. If your processes were designed to only push out one or two releases a year, you know just what kind of pressure the business is putting on IT.

Want to fix that?

You still can, by watching an on-demand broadcast of InformationWeek's virtual panel, "Continuous Delivery: Winning in the Application Economy." Three leading DevOps experts –CA Technologies VP David Cramer; Darden Restaurants IT Director Anand Parthasarathy; and PwC partner Rohit Antao – met to discuss the state of DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Among the highlights they provided:

  • Parthasarathy underscored how DevOps and continuous delivery practices drive greater value to customers when they need it most
  • Antao stressed the importance of adding quality and security to software without sacrificing speed – and how to do it
  • Cramer explained how breaking development into smaller iterative cycles actually focuses a development team rather than slows it down
  • Everyone on the panel provided concrete examples of customer successes with the continuous delivery process

Along with panel moderator and InformationWeek Contributing Editor Eric Bruno, the speakers gave concise, thoughtful insight into how continuous delivery helps customers overcome obstacles and streamline the delivery pipeline to provide the business with the apps they need at the pace they demand.

By watching an on-demand version of this riveting panel, not only will you discover how to deliver higher-quality software to your customers more efficiently, you'll discover something even more valuable: how to deliver greater customer value – sooner.

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Featured Speakers:

Eric Bruno
Contributing Editor

David Cramer
Head of Products,
Application Delivery Business Unit
CA Technologies

Anand Parthasarathy
Business Application Solutions

Rohit Antao


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