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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

You may be entitled to student loan forgiveness*

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The New Student Loan Forgiveness Program

You May Be Eligible!

Lower Interest Rates  Lower Monthly Payments Non-Profit Government Backed Program

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What is Student Loan Forgiveness?
Loan Forgiveness is when the federal government cancels all or part of an educational loan, meaning that obligation for the loan (or part of it) is permanently discharged and does not need to be repaid. There is specific criteria that must be met to qualify for Loan Forgiveness. In addition, individuals employed in public service jobs may also be eligible for cancellation of their student debt. Laws that determine eligibility do change over time, and you may qualify for Loan Forgiveness without even being aware of it. That's why it's so worthwhile to speak with a Student Debt Expert and discover your options.
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How We Can Help
We understand the toll that financial stress can take. You might have heard of Loan Forgiveness programs, but the process seems overwhelming. That's why our Student Debt Experts not only show you the options available for lowering your debt, we actually take care of the work and analysis for you. Imagine freeing yourself from the heavy weight of debt, and not worrying about how you will manage anymore. Simply call us and we will guide you every step of the way! 

What is Student Loan Consolidation?
Loan Consolidation allows you to combine multiple loans into a single loan, and can usually result in a reduced interest rate and lower monthly payments. Loan consolidation can simplify repayment, but this option needs to be considered wisely. Depending on the situation, payments are lowered as a result of lengthening the repayment period, and you may be increasing payment of interest in the long run. Also, your original student loans may have offered borrower benefits that would be lost in consolidation. So it's very important that you speak to a Student Debt Expert who is knowledgeable and can help you evaluate what the best solution is for your specific case.

If you are searching for Federal Student Loan Relief, Get Student Loan Help can help. We will work on your behalf to ensure the process of consolidating your Federal Student Loans is easy and successful! Get Student Loan Help will always find a solution that is exactly what you are looking for! Imagine a life without overwhelming Federal Student Loan monthly payments. Simply call us 888-894-0777 to get started today.

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