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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

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Developing at the Speed of Business: An InformationWeek DevOps Simulcast Event

If your company is like many organizations, you would expect your IT operations teams to be built around reliability and risk avoidance.

And you'd be in trouble…

That's because business today demands speed and agility in application delivery that traditional methods can't sustain. During InformationWeek's simulcast event July 14, you'll learn how to successfully deploy a DevOps and agile operations strategy that will allow your company to support this new pace of deployment across a more dynamic infrastructure. And you don't even have to leave your desk to attend!

We'll bring together DevOps experts like Kevin Behr, co-author of The Phoenix Project; Mike Madden, GM of DevOps for CA Technologies; John Balsavage, president of leading DevOps service provider A&I Solutions, and Rene Lopez; VP Infrastructure Management, Trizetto to provide you with comprehensive, end-to-end insight into successful DevOps strategies. Other IT practitioners will share their hands-on experiences, and you'll have a chance to ask questions of the experts.

You'll also have a chance to win one of several dazzling prizes, including an Apple Watch and a drone quadcopter just for attending!

So join InformationWeek and sponsor CA Technologies to learn how IT teams best implement Agile Operations disciplines that keep pace with a new volume, velocity, and variety of changes while retaining the reliability that is their hallmark. You'll walk away knowing how to remove stifling silos, improve collaboration between all stakeholders, and unify the goals of the development and operations teams.


Kevin Behr
Chief Strategist, Assemblage Pointe

Lenny Liebmann
Contributing Editor, InformationWeek

Rene Lopez
VP Infrastructure Management, Trizetto

John Balsavage
President, A&I Solutions

Aruna Ravichandran
Vice President, DevOps Product & Solutions Marketing, CA Technologies

Michael Madden
GM DevOps, CA Technologies

InformationWeek c/o UBM
303 Second St., Suite 900 South Tower, San Francisco, CA 94107

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