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Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Secure Agile & DevOps: How It Gets Done

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There's no point trying to ignore the elephant in the room. Everyone knows there's historically been friction between security professionals and development teams. This isn't because of inherent animosity, but conflicting priorities. Development needs to ship functioning code on time and within budget. Security needs to manage risks to the organization, including risks introduced by new code. One needs to go as fast as possible; the other needs to keep from smashing through the guardrails and flying off the road.

Further complicating the picture, Agile is now the dominant process for code development, with DevOps emerging as a new framework to help the entire organization be just as agile. These two trends radically alter the way we build, test and secure code. More importantly DevOps has the potential to mitigate several problems with secure Agile development, helping foster cooperation and reduce integration issues between security, operations and development. As a result, secure development and deployment practices must fit within Agile and DevOps processes — not the other way around.

Moderated by Dark Reading , this live-streaming videocast features two well-known security and development experts: Chris Wysopal, Veracode CISO & CTO, and Adrian Lane, Securosis CTO, who's also been a CIO and managed development teams.

This videocast is for both security and development professionals who want to understand how Agile and DevOps driven development alter security integration — and help both teams work together better.

We'll discuss:

  • Rapid development process evolution, feature prioritization, and how cultural differences can create friction between security and development.
  • Why speed and agility are essential to both sides.
  • How automation and well-defined processes allow security issues to be detected and recovered from earlier in the lifecycle.
  • How to communicate what needs to happen to reduce application-layer risk — without slowing down development or putting developers on the defensive.

Get ready for a lively conversation about pragmatic best practices for embedding security into Agile SDLC and DevOps processes!

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Kelly Jackson Higgins
Executive Editor
Dark Reading

Adrian Lane
VP Analyst & CTO

Chris Wysopal



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