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Monday, 13 April 2015

Hi Sir/mdn,

I hope my email drop in the right time for you. No obligation! As for website owner, maybe my presentation may find useful to you. As nowadays, overhead expense is high if you employ an in-house IT developer or designer to solve all your website matter. And we even receiving a lot of emails mention about outsourcing your IT solution.
Conveying Excellence With Compelling Communications
Have you ever wondered, as I have, in the midst of your online and offline marketing efforts to get your name out into the marketplace, how could the competitors surpass without offering a more superior experience? It is likely that you’ve skipped one of the most critical branding steps that could communicate your business’s core values and accolade your efforts for now and the years to come. And that is why I am writing to you about Compelling Online Presence. For that is the whole purpose of Conveying Excellence and to Distinguish Your Presence.
The internet has revolutionized the way we publish and consume information. One of the capabilities fostered by the Web was the blend of text with other media such as pictures and videos, which drives the success of Social Medias. Despite that text still dominates online information exchange, many of these online activities are enhanced by the publishing of multimedia that has been driving various paradigm shifts in our behavior. There is a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” which illustrates the apparent impact of how visuals does intrigue us.

We are an IT web developer company as well, operate since 2005 base in Singapore and Malaysia. Handling more than 300 projects in South East Asia country. We’re now ready and prepare to expand our expertise and services to worldwide customer. What’s more? We can provide you the best maintenance services at substantially cost effective rates which would be at least lower by 50% of cost what you are incurring it there in terms of hiring a full time developer/designer. Now you can also take projects which you have not taken up till now, as they could be outside the purview of your core competency.

In our development department, we currently have around 10 developers with experience ranging from 2 to 10 years in web based technologies. Our expertise handle all PHP & .Net, database, CMS website and E-commerce Website Maintenance. 

The Credibility

Established since 2005 with offices in Singapore and Malaysia, our company craft and conjure dynamic interfaces for our clients to reverberate their brands. Specialized in web development and design, the company has a team of 30 web professionals with experiences ranging from 2 to 10 years who are proficient in PHP,.Net, database, CMS , E-commerce and other web related technologies. As one of the top-notch agencies headquartered in Singapore, we have a strong portfolio and had served more than 300 projects in South East Asia.

What’s the catch?

Thank you for your time for reading my email. Let us know if you have any task on hand working on and needed someone urgently. For more information you can visit our website 

Thanks & Best Regards, 

Richard TS 
Business Development Executive
Email:  Skype: iboobowebdesign


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