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Monday, 27 April 2015

Big Data
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 April 27, 2015


Tech Buying: 6 Reasons Why IT Still Matters
Making major tech purchases, especially big data analytics and business intelligence tools, without consulting IT may cause major problems. Here's why.
IoT Seen As A Major Driver For SAP HANA
SAP's Bernd Leukert looks ahead for smartwatches, the Internet of Things, and HANA to tie it all together.
Google Adds To BigQuery Big Data Capabilities
Google expands the capabilities of its BigQuery system to allow real-time data stream processing and event analysis.

Salesforce Adds HR To Its Online Suite

Salesforce for HR internalizes customer relationship management so employers can improve relations with their employees.

Comic: Machine Learning
Machines can beat us at our own games. How long before they don't need us anymore?


  • Securing the Cloud Connection

    Download this eBook for a primer on securing internal and external connections; how to manage remote private clouds; when a VPN makes sense; and how software-defined networking comes into play.

  • Optimize MySQL Cluster Environments with HGST Flash Pools

    HGST Flash Pools for MySQL will transform the way you operate, support and innovate Master/Slave cluster environments by eliminating the barriers that substantially increase administrative complexity and operating costs associated with scaling MySQL applications.

  • The Convergence of NPM and APM

    Today, enterprises rely heavily on applications for nearly all business-critical processes. These applications are delivered via a combination of hardware, software and services, known as the application delivery chain. To make this delivery chain work together effectively, IT must take ...

  • 4 Ways to Optimize Your Hybrid Networks

    How can IT achieve the flexibility and agility it needs to offer multiple types of applications in multiple locations? Just as enterprises take advantage of applications hosted in multiple locations (i.e., public clouds, private clouds, or SaaS applications), they ...


  • Big Data & the Service Desk

    See how you can improve customer satisfaction, reduce ticket volumes, increase IT staff efficiency, and enable process improvement. Register for this online event today!



Hubble Telescope: 25 Years Of Stunning Images
In celebration of the Hubble Space Telescope's 25th year in low-Earth orbit, InformationWeek has taken a selection of some of the craft's most stunning and awe-inspiring photos, which explore the far reaches of our galaxy and beyond -- pictures that truly define the phrase "out of this world."

Google's Project Fi: Disrupting Wireless As We Know It
Google's Project Fi will use a mix of cellular and WiFi to connect calls, messages, and data. Though inexpensive, Project Fi's focus isn't on the cash.

10 Apple Watch Apps For Business, Productivity
Salesforce, Microsoft, and Evernote are three of many companies developing Apple Watch apps focused on productivity and collaboration.

Apple Watch: My In-Store Demo
The first shipment of Apple Watches reached eager owners on April 24. We stopped at an Apple Store in New York City to test one out.

10 IT Hiring Trends Confounding Private, Public-Sector CIOs
State government CIOs have some of the same hiring problems as their private-business counterparts. Here are 10 of the biggest trends in IT hiring and what executives can do to get the best talent.


Glassdoor: Tech Companies Dominate the List of Top Paying Companies



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