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Tuesday, 24 March 2015



I was going through your website & thought you might be interested in our "IT Professional Contacts Lists 2015", A professional list designed to position your brand to potential clients who are seeking new products & solutions


Specialits:  District CIO, IT Director, Sr. Server/Network Administrator, Chief Technology Officer, Infrastructure Architect, EVP Technology, Principal Network Architect, Director, Infrastructure & Security, Tech Analyst, Vice President for Information Resources


Kindly confirm your exact target audience (Geographic Location / Business Vertical / Job Titles) so that I can send you few sample records for your internal review.


Target Industry         :  _____________

Target Geography   : _____________

Target Job Title         : _____________


Look forward to hear from you



Jade Diaz

Marketing Exhaustive


Other Industries :- Education, Energy & Utility, Health Care, Transportation, Construction, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Mining & Marine, Oil & Gas, Publishing and Printing, Semiconductors, Security Etc..

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