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Monday, 2 March 2015

Big Data
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 March 02, 2015


Big Data Demands Big Computing
Big data has been around a long time. Here are four best practices to help you tap into the big computing power that is finally unlocking value.
MySQL Cluster: An In-Memory, NoSQL Pioneer?
MySQL Cluster was NoSQL and in-memory before those became fashionable, according to Oracle. Now those traits stand out in MySQL Cluster 7.4.
Big Data Tempest In A Teapot
Hadoop and big data community infighting won't attract enterprise adoption. It's time to raise the level of discourse.
Gartner BI Magic Quadrant 2015 Spots Market Turmoil
As companies embrace Tableau and Qlik, will the reporting platforms like BusinessObjects, Cognos, and MicroStrategy be left behind? Gartner sees conflicting needs and deployment practices.
Gartner Advanced Analytics Quadrant 2015: Gainers, Losers
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms 2015 has Microsoft, Alpine, and Alteryx moving up, Oracle MIA.
IBM Promises Bridge From Data Center To Cloud
IBM said at its Interconnect conference its new services will allow easier shifting between the enterprise data center and public cloud.
No, AI Won't Kill Us All
When famous technologists and scientists fear the menace of thinking machines, it's time to worry, right? Not really, because computers lack the imagination to wreak havoc, says one AI expert.
7 Emerging Technologies IT Should Study Now
Staying on top of current technologies means anticipating future ones. Here, we look at seven technologies IT should be studying right now. One (or more) of these may well be the next big trend in the industry.
4 DARPA Projects We Love
Space exploration, self-driving vehicles, advanced biometrics, and robotics are among the cool projects in the works at DARPA that are likely to have applications in the enterprise, too.


  • Capitalizing On Big Data: Managed Services Help Financial Firms Accelerate Big Data Projects

    Read "Capitalizing on Big Data: Managed Services Help Financial Firms Accelerate Big Data Projects" now, and discover all the reasons why today's financial firms are partnering with managed big data services providers.

  • Driving Growth with the Anytime-Anywhere Mobile Workforce

    Successful businesses are empowering their employees to complete vital business transactions any time of day or night--wherever they are. Mobility is transforming sales processes, optimizing customer visits, speeding sales cycles, improving manufacturing operations and increasing customer satisfaction. Read this paper ...

  • [eGuide] Designing a Continuous Response Architecture

    Businesses need to view security as a process and leverage solutions that can proactively collect data, apply aggregated threat intelligence, reduce the cost and complexity of incident response and evolve, adapt and learn from your investigation.

  • Breach Detection: What you need to know

    Today's cyber attacks have changed in sophistication, in focus, and in their potential impact on your business. This eBook will outline the tactics today's advanced attackers are using to break into your organization and why you require a defense-in-depth cyber-security ...

  • The Internet of Things Supply Chain

    The Internet of Things is bringing about that world at a furious pace--very soon over 26 billion devices of all shapes and sizes will be connected to the Internet. Retailers and manufacturers will face greater complexity than ever before, but there ...

  • Cloud IT: A Model for the Networked Company

    Cloud technology is rapidly changing the way B2B interactions are carried out. It provides a benefit that no amount of investment in traditional software can obtain--the exponential effect a robust network of companies with a common goal has on ...

  • Mobile Workflows that Enhance Productivity: 8 Use Cases

    Financial Services companies everywhere are moving beyond the basics of mobility to deliver sophisticated mobile workflows that connect employees with each other, their partners and their customers. Read this paper to see eight secure mobile workflow use cases being used ...


  • [Virtual Event] DevOps Virtual Summit

    This virtual event goes well past the basics of agile and DevOps, diving deep into how the tandem methodologies can impact and improve your entire organization's efficiency and collaboration. With the right DevOps tools, support, and expert guidance, both your ...

  • [Private Cloud] Fast Track & Avoid Pitfalls

    Join this webinar to learn how open standards and best practices fulfill the potential of private clouds and how to avoid derailments of first generation deployments.



Android Adware Raises Google Play Security Concerns
Three apps, downloaded to tens of millions of Android devices from the Google Play store, foisted ads for apps on unsuspecting users.

7 Linux Facts That Will Surprise You
Here are seven things we bet you didn't know about Linux and why it remains a software project of historic proportions.

7 Dirty IT Words: Don't Say These In The C-Suite
Want to win over the bosses? Wipe these words and phrases from your IT vocabulary.

7 Emerging Technologies IT Should Study Now
Staying on top of current technologies means anticipating future ones. Here, we look at seven technologies IT should be studying right now. One (or more) of these may well be the next big trend in the industry.

11 Celebrities With Secret Nerdy Hobbies
When they're not shooting films or attending award shows, some celebrities are obsessing over Lord of the Rings or building model train sets.


Samsung Galaxy S6: Fast And Fashionable



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