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Monday, 9 March 2015

Big Data
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 March 09, 2015


2 Microsoft Azure Services Hit General Release
Microsoft Azure Search service is out now, and the Azure DocumentDB NoSQL database service will debut in April.
Airbnb Boosts Presto SQL Query Engine For Hadoop
Airbnb is open sourcing a home-grown data-exploration and SQL query tool for Hadoop. Will it give Facebook Presto a leg up on Cloudera Impala?
IBM Buys AlchemyAPI: What Watson Gains
IBM acquires AlchemyAPI to improve Watson's capacity for natural-language processing, image analysis, and understanding human behavior.
Google AI Teaches Itself Atari Video Games
Using a single learning algorithm, Google's AI agent has developed its video game skills to the point where it can beat most human players in dozens of different games.
Cisco Bets Big On Selling Hadoop
Cisco will resell Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR Hadoop distributions along with its Unified Computing Systems for big data.
IBM Slumps, Cisco Gains In 2014 Server Sales
Gartner annual report on server shipments and revenue sees Cisco, Lenovo gaining share, IBM, HP losing ground.
Using Business Intelligence To Change Student Lives
Nashville Metropolitan schools are building a framework for student success using a data analysis foundation.
Big Data Demands Big Computing
Big data has been around a long time. Here are four best practices to help you tap into the big computing power that is finally unlocking value.


  • Capitalizing On Big Data: Managed Services Help Financial Firms Accelerate Big Data Projects

    Read "Capitalizing on Big Data: Managed Services Help Financial Firms Accelerate Big Data Projects" now, and discover all the reasons why today's financial firms are partnering with managed big data services providers.

  • Edge Consolidation Delivers Peace of Mind for IT

    To increase agility while lowering costs, IT organizations are using virtualization and cloud-based infrastructure services to consolidate and reduce the number of physical servers and data centers across the enterprise. IDC estimates that, by 2015, more than 20 percent of the information ...

  • Putting Customers 1st: Managing the End User Experience

    As networks and technology have become more sophisticated, so have the users. And they have high expectations for network speed and reliability. How should IT address this? Network managers need a culture change and mind shift to focus on the ...

  • Adallom for AWS

    Read this whitepaper and learn what the Adallom cloud application security platform allows IT organizations to do!

  • SATA vs. PCIe Solid-State Storage Solutions for MySQL Environments

    Database users are increasingly interested in using Flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs) to speed up application performance. For many database administrators (DBAs), increased database performance directly impacts their user experience and bottom lines. Accelerating a single MySQL instance may allow DBAs ...

  • Stop Social Media Hacks

    A how to guide describing the key steps that organizations should take to prevent their social media accounts from being hacked.

  • [eGuide] Breach Preparation: Plan for the Inevitability of Compromise

    You can't open a newspaper or visit an online news site these days without some mention of a cyber-attack or data breach. These activities are becoming more prevalent, and as a result, the reporting of these activities is also on ...




Android Adware Raises Google Play Security Concerns
Three apps, downloaded to tens of millions of Android devices from the Google Play store, foisted ads for apps on unsuspecting users.

8 Ways IoT Will Change IT Forever
Where the money goes, so go the jobs. Find out which areas of IT we think could face a skills gap in an IoT world.

Apple Watch: 5 Facts, 5 Questions
As Apple's March 9 event approaches, we break down what we know, and what we want to know, about Apple Watch.

Windows At 30: Microsoft's OS Keeps Evolving
Microsoft Windows is finishing up its third decade of change. Here's a look at how the operating system has evolved along with new technologies and consumer preferences.

11 IoT Programming Languages Worth Knowing
Choosing which language to use for an Internet of Things project can be as big a decision as choosing a hardware platform. Here are 11 options to consider for your next coding project.


11 IoT Programming Languages Worth Knowing



  • [Infrastructure Insights] The Frictionless Enterprise

    This InformationWeek Report will give you exclusive research and insights into cloud, hybrid cloud, and mobile technologies can help CIOs build a fully integrated, next-generation infrastructure. Download your copy today!

  • Mobile Security: All About the Data

    Our 2014 survey shows less focus on hardware, more on securing the information residing on devices -- a strategy that makes data classification a cornerstone of mobile security. In this report, we'll zero in on how government IT pros manage mobility.

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