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Monday, 23 February 2015

Big Data
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 February 23, 2015


Microsoft Azure Tries To Bring Big Data Mainstream
Microsoft's new cloud-based services focus on machine learning, more Linux options, and new partnerships.
Big Data: Matching Personalities In The Call Center
It's common for companies to record customer service calls. But what insights are they gaining from all that data? One solution: Matching customers with service reps for more harmonious calls.
HP Goes Open Source For Haven Predictive Analytics
HP develops Haven Predictive Analytics for big data, then releases it as open source software.
Microsoft Azure, SAS, MapR: Big Data Roundup
News from Microsoft, SAS, and MapR point to changes in how enterprises are buying, deploying, and learning to use big-data analytics.
MemSQL, VoltDB Vie For In-Memory Big Data Role
MemSQL, VoltDB present in-memory databases as alternatives to a menagerie of "science projects" used in real-time big data apps. Is SQL simpler?
Pivotal Open-Source Play Points To Industry Shift
Open source is driving big data, and two major announcements from Pivotal show that isn't going to stop.
Teradata Talks Apps, But Don't Think AppExchange
Teradata Aster App Center is a collection of app templates, not a platform-as-a-service developer community. Here's the lowdown on 29 apps for six industries.
10 In-Memory Database Options Power Speedy Performance
From Altibase to VoltDB and covering options from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP, we wrap up leading in-memory databases and add-on options. When you need speed, here are 10 tools to choose.



  • HowTo: Keep Your Company Safe & Out of the Headlines

    Register for this webinar to learn how organizations are using advanced threat response solutions to dramatically reduce the time it takes to verify and respond to detected security threats.

  • How Connected Devices and Data Can Transform an Industry

    Watch now to understand how OnFarm is turning overwhelming and disparate data into knowledge, action, and outcome for their customers, and in turn creating a smart, connected world that directly addresses future challenges of the industry and beyond.



Android Adware Raises Google Play Security Concerns
Three apps, downloaded to tens of millions of Android devices from the Google Play store, foisted ads for apps on unsuspecting users.

15 Hot Skill Sets For IT Pros In 2015
How do your IT skills stack up against the ones with the greatest market demand? Here's what our experts have to say.

8 iOS, Android Apps That Are Strangely Useful
Your iPhone or Android smartphone can predict the weather, but can it tell you the closest flu outbreak or get a wake-up call from around the globe?

8 Google Projects To Watch in 2015
We're highlighting Google's top 2015 projects -- from the pragmatic to the peculiar. Once you've explored the offerings, tell us which ones are your favorites -- and which ones you think are total duds -- in the comments section below.

BelfieStick & 7 Other Silly Smartphone Accessories
From the BelfieStick to a speaker that looks like a 1980s-era cassette tape, InformationWeek looks at the truly silly in smartphone accessories. Dumb? Yes, but we love them anyway.


6 Internet Of Things Building Blocks



  • 2014 State of the Data Center

    Our latest survey shows growing demand, fixed budgets, and good reason why resellers and vendors must fight to remain relevant. One thing's for sure: The data center is poised for a wild ride, and no one wants to be left ...

  • 10 Recommendations for Outsourcing Security

    Enterprises today have a wide range of third-party options to help improve their defenses, including MSSPs, auditing and penetration testing, and DDoS protection. But are there situations in which a service provider might actually increase risk?

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