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Saturday, 7 February 2015


How are you? Hope everything is fine with you.

Last week, I propose a 3 months package for just $90 only. I received 20% of the response from my blasting instead of 1% of my target from my database. I would like to thanks for those customer who giving us the support.

Right now, I would want to share with you how my boss Save $2772 ++ or more for 6 months and earn a high profit within 6 months and just spend $300 only.

Are you sure? Spend $300 for 6 months and earn high profit? How? And why?

Let’s don’t talk about hire a part time marketing staff to handle your marketing strategy.

If my boss employed a part time marketing assistant. Just to handle some simple marketing task. Salary range around $8 - $10/hr and work maybe 4 hrs per day and 4 times per week. So, each month, if the part timer salary is $8/hr, and for one whole month the salary is about:

Example Part timer Marketing Assistant Salary structure:

1 Day = $8 x 4hr = $32 | 1 week = $32 x 4 days = $128 | 1 month = $128 x 4 weeks = $512.00

If employee salary is $512 excluding CFP or EPF or levy fee. And, 6 months’ salary will be $3072 ++. Yet, this is just a part timer salary. Not including advertising the position for hiring and time to interview and shortlisting etc.

If this part timer job scope is stated as below: 

Part timer job scope:

  1. Sort email database and collect email database
  2. Manually send email within 4 working hrs using outlook or webmail
  3. Design email newsletter and writing script or design the banner (if they capable)
  4. Response to the customer from the email campaign
  5. Manually remove unsubscribe database and keep track for those email database
  6. Manually need to figure out how is the response from the blasting record

Therefore, my boss cut cost the overhead costing as he choose the email marketing system. Cost about $50 per month and $300 for 6 months which allow him to blast unlimited email newsletter to 50,000 subscribers. He will get as stated below:

  1. Auto filter unsubscribe email and bounce email
  2. Auto send email to all the 50,000 subscribers
  3. Auto response to customer from the email campaign
  4. Auto remove unsubscribe database and keep track with report from the campaign

My boss save $3072 ++ - $300 = $2772 ++ for the total of 6 months overhead expense. This example is only if you employed a part time marketing assistant.

As, we encounter some of our customer feedback, they do not have so much email database. So, contact us and request for a quotation. No obligation! Free quotation!

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Best Regards,
Marketing Team

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