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Monday, 2 February 2015

Big Data
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 February 02, 2015


Data Analyst: Does Everybody Need To Be One?
Microsoft Power BI and IBM Watson Analytics attempt to make data analysis accessible to all. But don't confuse access to tools with reaching correct and valuable conclusions.
Big Data Success Remains Elusive: Study
Just over a quarter of organizations say their big data initiatives are a success, according to a recent Capgemini study. So why are three of four unsuccessful?
Microsoft Upgrades Azure SQL Database Service
Microsoft cloud-database service nears parity with on-premises Microsoft SQL Server with support for larger databases and in-memory performance.
Microsoft Power BI Makeover: 6 Big Improvements
Microsoft's revamp of its cloud-based Power BI will challenge IBM, Tableau, and other business intelligence vendors. Here are six new ways it should appeal to users.
Artificial Intelligence Will Put Us Out Of Work
Forget killer robots. Widespread unemployment is the worst case scenario for humans in the AI future.
Chief Data Science Officers Won't Supplant CIOs
Some believe a new C-level data scientist will inevitably control the purse strings on data-related projects. Here's why that's a bad idea.
Ford Opens Palo Alto Research Center
The company's focus on mobility has led it to expand its presence in Silicon Valley.
Monday Comic: Big Data Box
Find a new laugh every Monday morning.


  • Capitalizing On Big Data: Managed Services Help Financial Firms Accelerate Big Data Projects

    Read "Capitalizing on Big Data: Managed Services Help Financial Firms Accelerate Big Data Projects" now, and discover all the reasons why today's financial firms are partnering with managed big data services providers.

  • Guide: Hybrid Cloud for Government Agencies

    Government customers are in need of a secure, compliant enterprise-class hybrid cloud service. Read this whitepaper to learn more.

  • Secure the Breach

    As hackers continue to successfully conduct large-scale attacks against financial services, retail and entertainment companies, organizations must rethink their security strategy. No longer are network firewalls and other perimeter "breach-prevention" technologies good enough. Many enterprises today rely on these technologies ...

  • Authentication Best Practices: Putting Control Where It Belongs

    This paper suggests a set of best practices for user authentication to help your organization protect itself from these threats.

  • Securing Enterprise Applications

    Business-critical platforms such as SAP and Oracle have been in place for more than a decade, however a majority of firms using these applications currently have gaps in their security program. There are many reasons for these security gaps ranging ...

  • The Weakest Link: How Attacks Exploit People

    Get Insight into the ways attackers exploit end-users' psychology. Learn how attackers exploit end-users have significant security implications for enterprise preparedness and defensive strategies

  • Using Anomalies in Crash Reports to Detect Unknown Threats

    One of the biggest challenges organizations face when protecting their intellectual property and other sensitive data is detecting, inspecting, and stopping attacks that are capable of bypassing their cyber defenses. Even the most advanced cyber-attacks will create anomalies in network ...


  • Application Driven Network Performance Management

    In this webcast, we'll discuss and explore the tools, techniques, policies, and strategies that can help you define the metrics for success, and achieve them to satisfy both your users and your business.



Millennials In IT: How To Talk To Old People
There are certain phrases that are like passwords to the heart of your IT managers. And, no, I'm not talking about, "I bought you a fresh box of adult diapers."

Bill Gates, Office for Android, Outlook Upgrade: Microsoft Roundup
This week, we analyze Microsoft's earnings call, question Windows 10, listen to Bill Gates, and glimpse at Outlook for iOS and Android.

Windows 10: 7 Pressing Questions For Microsoft
Microsoft's Windows 10 announcements and earnings call gave a snapshot of its future but also raised many questions in the tech community.

8 Reasons IT Pros Need To Reject A Promotion
You got promoted within your IT organization. Good job. But do you really want it?

Cloud ERP: 9 Emerging Options
ERP no longer equals on-premises. Is the ultimate legacy software ready to drive the next wave of cloud adoption?


Super Bowl CIOs: 7 Lessons From Winning NFL Coaches



  • Threat Intelligence Today

    Is threat intel the best way to stay ahead of new and complex attacks? The 397 respondents to our new survey seem to think so: 85% say threat intelligence plays some role in their IT security strategies, and many of them subscribe ...

  • 4 Steps to Simplify Your Backup Architecture

    Is your data management strategy getting out of hand? Focus on streamlined product selection, updated network design, and appropriate target selection to improve cost and performance.

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