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Monday, 9 February 2015

Big Data
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 February 09, 2015


10 In-Memory Database Options Power Speedy Performance
From Altibase to VoltDB and covering options from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP, we wrap up leading in-memory databases and add-on options. When you need speed, here are 10 tools to choose.
SAP's Plattner: How S/4Hana Simplifies ERP
SAP chairman Hasso Plattner explains what's possible with S/4Hana. Analysts and customers comment on the evolutionary vs. revolutionary debate.
MongoDB Eyes Bigger, Faster NoSQL Deployments
MongoDB 3.0 release promises improved scalability, speed, and manageability through new storage engine options and Ops Manager DBA software.
InformationWeek 2014 Next-Generation IT Survey
The future of IT is all about integrating key elements such as mobile, cloud, security, and big data. Successful companies will focus on reusable components, data-based security, and automation.
Microsoft Upgrades Azure SQL Database Service
Microsoft cloud-database service nears parity with on-premises Microsoft SQL Server with support for larger databases and in-memory performance.
Big Data Deployment: Finding The Best Model
What's the best IT infrastructure for big data? Here are some of the fundamental choices to consider.
Chief Data Science Officers Won't Supplant CIOs
Some believe a new C-level data scientist will inevitably control the purse strings on data-related projects. Here's why that's a bad idea.
Guide To Virtualization Hypervisors
IT organizations are using multiple hypervisors, so understanding the specifics of the big players like Hyper-V and vSphere ESXi will help your virtual environment perform at its best.
Monday Comic: Big Data Box
Find a new laugh every Monday morning.



  • Application Driven Network Performance Management

    In this webcast, we'll discuss and explore the tools, techniques, policies, and strategies that can help you define the metrics for success, and achieve them to satisfy both your users and your business.



7 Android Apps We Love For Work
These Android apps will make you better at your job. We're really looking to help you do business here. No games. No flight-checkers. No digital wallets. Just pure work apps.

6 Microsoft Acquisitions: What Do They Mean?
Microsoft bought big data, email, and machine learning businesses on its holiday shopping spree. What will they bring to its future?

10 Cloud Migration Mistakes To Avoid
Migrating to the cloud can be challenging. Here are 10 common pitfalls -- and how to sidestep them.

9 Video Games We Love The Best
Our picks for the best video games in every major genre. Check out the list (as well as some honorable mentions), then take to the comments section below, where you can hurl insults at us and nominate your favorite games in the genre.

Google, Uber, and Lyft: Why Google Must Win
The question isn't whether Google will enter the ride-share economy, but when. There is too much at stake for them not to.


Apple Watch: 11 Sweet Gadgets To Buy Instead



  • 2015 App Dev Priorities Survey 2015 App Dev Priorities Survey

    More than 500 respondents weighed in on their plans for DevOps, Agile, APIs, automation, and more. While traditional languages slide, newer options are filling the gaps. Meanwhile, everything from project management to automated deployment is happening more in the cloud. It's ...

  • Partners' Role In Perimeter Security

    The more IT protects networks and data, the more attackers will look elsewhere for weak links. Don't underestimate your ability to demand that contractors and suppliers shore up their defenses.

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