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Monday, 5 January 2015

Big Data
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 January 05, 2015


Speed To Insight: Key To Big Data Success
Businesses don't have to wait long to see analytic investments pay off. Big data can deliver big returns within months, not years.
Data Scientist Training Programs Gain Steam
More universities are launching programs to develop the big data talent businesses need.
5 Hyperscale Lessons For Mainstream Datacenters
Management practices from the HPC world can get even bigger results in smaller-scale operations.
Big Data: 6 Bold Predictions For 2015
'Tis the season when industry soothsayers don their prognostication caps to make fearless forecasts for the coming year. What does the crystal ball say about big data?
6 IT Trends To Watch In 2015
In the new year, mobility evolves, the hybrid cloud grows, and big data will need more people skills.
Wearables In 2015: 4 Predictions
Smart glasses get put to the test in the enterprise, while smartwatches slowly woo consumers thanks to the Apple Watch.
New Data, Same Old Dumb Bosses: 3 Lessons
Corporate overlords finally take an interest in data. Too bad they don't understand it and will be tricked by crafty short-timers.
Analytics Showdown: Should Apps Be Simpler, Or Smarter?
Qlik, Tableau, and are betting on simple analytic applications, while veterans IBM and SAS push smarter. What do you need?



  • Search Rescue: Build It In

    Search built into the database is a key driver in enabling data management in a world of semi-structured and unstructured, constantly changing data sources. Using examples from the FAA, Fairfax County, as well as the private sector, this session analyzes ...

  • Setting Up for Success: Architectural Considerations for NoSQL Databases

    Massive quantities of data demand architectures built to handle the scale. This discussion explores the configuration and operation of clusters and explains the different roles of application servers, databases, forests and tiered storage. Examples from state and federal implementations show ...



Top 10 Social Media Fails Of 2014
Businesses learn lessons the hard way when their social media posts go wrong. Have a look at the businesses that made this year's naughty list.

8 Quiet Firsts In Tech In 2014
Maybe you didn't hear about these science and technology breakthroughs, from robots to space exploration. But they will be remembered 20 years from now.

CES 2015 Preview: 8 Hot Trends
Tech's annual celebration of gadgets, robots, and connected everything kicks off soon in Vegas. Here's what will grab the spotlight at CES 2015.

8 Wacky Cyberattacks Worse Than Sony Hack
John Denver music on a loop. Adam Sandler inserted in your favorite movies. Forget Sony: These attacks would really drive the nation insane.

5 Education Tech Trends For 2015
Education is being flipped on its head by technology. Teachers see the promise -- and the pitfalls.


CES 2015 Preview: 8 Hot Trends



  • FedRAMP: Catalyst for Government Hybrid Cloud

    Agencies have a wider array of platform options than ever, yet progress is still slow. The problem? Cultural resistance to cloud. Here's how FedRAMP and a hybrid model can help.

  • SaaS as Innovation Driver

    If you think of software-as-a-service as just a way to outsource CRM or HR systems, you're being too tactical. Our new survey shows IT's ready to focus more on business innovation, less on infrastructure operations. Here's how to make that ...

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