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Friday, 16 January 2015

Dear sir or madam, 


How's everything going? 


We owe your name and address to the international commercial counselor, maybe we can offer

printing service for you, and a friendly long-term partnership is expected to be built between us.


As you know, quality is the life of a company. On the basic of the concept of customer first, H&C

Printing Center spares no effort to cater for different need of our clients, and continually perfect

our products. 


Our quality goods, first-class services and very competitive prices have won us a good reputation;

all of these help us maintain a friendly partnership with many corporations all over the world.


Here's our information for your reference. 


1. Business scope:  we offer the printing of catalogues, periodical magazines, brochures, flyers,

children's books, calendars, stickers etc.

2. What we can offer: low price, high quality, and professional service and fast logistic…

3. Our advantage: Our printing price is up to 35% lower than the cost of your local printers. 


Product best in quality and low in price isn't your pursuit? All you need is here in H&C. If you need our

service, please feel free to write back and kindly offer the specification to us, so we'll give a competitive

quotation to you. 


Your early reply is appreciated. 


Kind regards



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