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Monday, 12 January 2015

Big Data
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 January 12, 2015


5 Analytics, BI, Data Management Trends For 2015
InformationWeek survey shows growth in cloud-based data warehousing, real-time tech, and big-data platforms, but business intelligence standardization is waning.
CES 2015: 11 Peeks Into The Future
Motorized skates, 3D-printed food, e-socks: The future, whether we need it or not, is here.
How To Build A Data-Driven Dream Team
Like any good sports team, your data team needs a leader, a common goal, and group chemistry.
Facebook Acquires Voice Recognition Startup lets developers add Siri-like capabilities to apps, robots, wearables, and more.
CES 2015: Internet Of Things Not All Shiny
As CES 2015 gets underway, the Internet of Things takes center stage. Or should we say the Internet of Monitoring?
5 Hyperscale Lessons For Mainstream Datacenters
Management practices from the HPC world can get even bigger results in smaller-scale operations.
How Big Data Will Drive 5G
Never heard of "the tactile Internet"? You will. Here's how data-driven applications and services are shaping the development of 5G wireless.
Speed To Insight: Key To Big Data Success
Businesses don't have to wait long to see analytic investments pay off. Big data can deliver big returns within months, not years.



  • Achieving Resiliency: Building in High Availability and Disaster Recovery

    In a data-driven, always on society, outages and data loss can have consequences far beyond a temporary inconvenience. The concepts in this session explain how to build an environment capable of both high availability and disaster recovery, including specific government ...

  • The Big (Data) Picture: NoSQL in Government Agencies

    The amount and variety of data has outpaced traditional technologies. Meanwhile, mandates for online services and the drive for increased efficiency continue challenge agencies to manage data better - and use the insights it can provide. That's why many agencies ...



10 Signs You've Hired The Wrong Person
Is the new guy Mr. Negative? Does he shout at the espresso machine? Look for these warning signs before you make the hire.

Amazon Echo: My First 10 Days
Amazon Echo crosses Siri with Sonos to create a "smart" speaker that can summon information as well as music. It's promising, but here's where it falls short.

CES 2015 Preview: 8 Hot Trends
Tech's annual celebration of gadgets, robots, and connected everything kicks off soon in Vegas. Here's what will grab the spotlight at CES 2015.

Top 10 Social Media Fails Of 2014
Businesses learn lessons the hard way when their social media posts go wrong. Have a look at the businesses that made this year's naughty list.

Facebook Messenger: 5 Things To Know
Facebook will soon require users to download Messenger to chat with friends. Here's the lowdown on important privacy settings and features.


CES 2015: 11 Peeks Into The Future



  • 2015 Federal Government IT Priorities Survey

    Our most recent survey assessing federal IT priorities for fiscal year 2015 shows that government agencies are focusing more on ­security, but they're still behind the times when it comes to cloud use, data center consolidation, and overall IT innovation.

  • 10 Recommendations for Outsourcing Security

    Enterprises today have a wide range of third-party options to help improve their defenses, including MSSPs, auditing and penetration testing, and DDoS protection. But are there situations in which a service provider might actually increase risk?

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