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Monday, 22 December 2014

Big Data
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 December 22, 2014


Big Data: 6 Bold Predictions For 2015
'Tis the season when industry soothsayers don their prognostication caps to make fearless forecasts for the coming year. What does the crystal ball say about big data?
Microsoft Previews 6 New Power BI Features
Microsoft beta tests Power BI dashboards, visualizations, connectors, and an iPad app just as IBM launches a rival cloud-based BI service.
Why We Picked Cassandra For Big Data
Easy scale-outs, high write throughputs, and lower costs were key, but Cassandra does have its limitations.
Big Data Analytics: Time For New Tools
So you're considering Hadoop as a big data platform. You'll probably need some new analytics and business intelligence tools if you're going to wring fresh insights out of your data.
Analytics Showdown: Should Apps Be Simpler, Or Smarter?
Qlik, Tableau, and are betting on simple analytic applications, while veterans IBM and SAS push smarter. What do you need?
Internet Of Everything: It's All About The Ecosystem
A recent chat with my doctor revealed new insight on lifecycles of connected medical devices and the need for an integrated infrastructure to support future IoT devices.
MongoDB Buys WiredTiger: Database Move
MongoDB grabs technology and expertise from storage-engine company to address write-intensive, high-scale applications.



  • Simplified IT 105: Harnessing the Hybrid Cloud

    "Hybrid" is today's hot cloud buzzword. While it makes sense to balance private and public cloud use, and even burst-to-manage demand spikes, the devil is in the details. Our instructor will explain the challenges of a hybrid environment in the ...

  • Cloud 102: Late To The Cloud? No Problem

    Adopting a cloud mindset isn't about IT relinquishing all control and just approving invoices. It's about changing legacy ways of delivering business services and doing sales, customer service, and end user support in new and more flexible ways. In this ...



11 Ways To Deck The Halls With Recycled Tech
Put your useless tech to good use this holiday season. Check out these projects.

10 Smart Tech Toys For Kids
It's holiday toy shopping season. Please the budding coder, architect, robot-builder, or drone pilot in your life with these cool choices.

10 Home Office Organization Helpers Under $25
From laptop stands to magnetic wall pockets, these products keep your workspace orderly and clutter-free at little expense.

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: What Techies Want
Need to show your appreciation for the techies in your life? Back away from the knockoff Bluetooth speakers and consider these can't-miss gift ideas.

Android 5.0 Lollipop: Smartphone OS Arrival Guide
When will your device get the latest version of Android? Here's the scoop from phone makers.


6 IT Career Resolutions



  • 2015 State of End User Computing

    The 404 respondents to our InformationWeek 2015 Consumerization of IT Survey have accepted the infiltration of consumer-class tech into enterprise networks. But that doesn't mean they're happy about it. Read the report today!

  • 2014 Hybrid Cloud Survey

    Mixing public and private can deliver the best of both cloud worlds. But you'll need to consider potential snafus, decide which workloads to run on which type of cloud, and address ­security issues up front.

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