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Monday, 13 October 2014

Big Data
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 October 13, 2014

TOP STORIES Unveils Wave Analytics Cloud enters $38 billion analytics market with a NoSQL-based platform that puts five-button data-analysis basics on smartphones.
5 Ways Data Science Teams Can Raise Their Profiles
Is your data science team isolated from the rest of the company?
GE Pushes For Bigger Industrial Internet
GE Internet of Things portfolio expands as it brings big-data analysis to vending machines, office equipment, bridges, and other new markets.
IBM Watson: 29 Signs Of Progress
IBM's Watson Group touts customer successes, new partners, APIs, and cloud services as it opens headquarters in New York City.
Splunk Expands Amazon Cloud, Mobile Options
Splunk big data analysis gets easier for business users, Amazon Elastic MapReduce customers, and developers of mobile apps.
Internet Of Things Needs Government Support
The US risks being left behind as other countries invest in ubiquitous computing. Here's a seven-point framework to bolster the US's support of IoT technologies.
Healthcare Big Data Debate: Public Good Vs. Privacy
Big data's role in healthcare could be hindered by government privacy regulations such as HIPAA, say experts at the Body Computing Conference. Who should own health data?
Healthcare Insurance Regs Must Keep Up With Tech Advances
Antiquated rules could get in the way of improving people's health and lowering their healthcare costs.
Cartoon: Unstructured Data Fatigue
It's been a long hard day in the data mines.


10 Great iOS 8 Features
Forget the bugs. Apple's iOS 8 is full of useful improvements.

Windows 10: 11 Big Changes
Microsoft is being more open and transparent with customers with Windows 10. Take a look at some of the most appealing features in the upcoming OS.

Microsoft Surface Pro's Future: 5 Facts
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the Surface line is here to stay. But are changes coming to the company's device strategy?

10 Real Reasons Microsoft Skipped Windows 9
Many people are speculating why Microsoft skipped from Windows 8 to 10. Consider these colorful possibilities.

7 Cool Wearables For Pets
New wearable devices let you track every second of your pet's life -- whether Fido and Fluffy like it or not. Is your best friend ready for FitBark?


  • The State of Data Center Networking

    With business applications moving to the cloud, most companies now provide access to enterprise software applications via the Internet and through mobile devices. But concerns about security, reliability, performance, and control are driving enterprise IT departments to evaluate the network ...

  • AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service with Enterprise File Sync and Share

    AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service with Enterprise File Sync and Share is an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade file sync and share solution that gives business users access to their files, on their supported devices, online or offline - hassle free.


  • Cloud 105: Cloud Security & Risk

    InformationWeek Research has tracked attitudes on cloud security since 2012. In our early surveys, security was a deal-breaker for many companies. Today, the consensus is that every IT service has risk, and big cloud providers can attract and afford scarce security ...

  • Big Data 104: Regulatory Compliance & Privacy Protection

    The current spate of high-profile data breaches has put privacy in the spotlight. There are dozens of state and federal regulations that may apply, plus numerous industry codes and standards, to say nothing of international rules.



7 Cool Wearables For Pets



  • Research: Cloud Convergence: 6 Standards That Matter

    While 39% of respondents say the goal of a fully converged datacenter guides their tech purchasing -- and personnel hiring -- decisions, just 7% say they've reached that ideal state. The No. 1 barrier? Insufficient budget, cited by 61%. Here's how standards can help.

  • Overlay Networking: An Introduction Overlay Networking: An Introduction

    Overlay networks are built on top of physical networks to ­enable more flexible and scalable datacenters. Get insight into the protocols and technology that underpin overlay networks, including tunneling, network agents, and controllers. This ­report also explains how physical and ...

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