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Monday, 27 October 2014

Big Data
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 October 27, 2014


IBM Cloudant Will Power Local Data Centers, Apple Apps
IBM spins out an on-premises version of its Cloudant NoSQL database service, which figured in the Apple-IBM mobile apps deal.
Big Data Analysis Goes SaaS
Software-as-a-service provider jKool offers business users cloud-based, near-real-time analysis of time-sensitive information.
Hadoop: 5 Undeniable Truths
Yes, you still need a traditional data warehouse after beginning work with Hadoop. Here are four more fundamental points to know about the big data platform.
SAS Switches From Predictions To Goals
SAS Visual Analytics turns what-if analysis around, showing users what it will take to reach specific business goals.
Twitter Debuts Fabric SDK For Mobile Developers
Offering ads, analytics, and authentication, Fabric aspires to be the backend platform for mobile apps.
5 Big Data Trends Government IT Can't Ignore
Government IT leaders must stop sitting on the big data sidelines, waiting to make a play.
IBM Lays Internet Of Things Foundation
IBM is offering a set of APIs and cloud services through its BlueMix platform to simplify development for networked devices.
Yahoo Talks Apache Storm: Real-Time Appeal
Yahoo is committed to Apache Storm, the open event-processing platform, because it's easy to manage and scale and use for personalization as a service, among other uses, says Yahoo executive Sumeet Singh in a Q&A.


No Google Inbox Invitation? Try These Instead
If you're tired of the same old mobile email experience, there are plenty of apps in the sea.

11 Geekiest Halloween Costumes
Halloween is about more than Jack O'Lanterns and trick-or-treaters. It's a perfect time to let your geek flag fly. Check out some of our favorite geeky costumes.

Facebook Rooms: 5 Privacy Facts
Facebook's new Rooms app lets you post pictures, videos, and messages anonymously. Here's a look at the data it collects, the privacy of your posts, and more.

Wearables At Work: 7 Productivity Apps
Wearables are great, but what good would Google Glass or the Galaxy Gear be without useful apps? Here's a sampling of the latest business apps for wearables.

How To Hire Developers Fast And Build Things
To have the best team of developers you must have a distributed team of developers.


  • Cloud: The Future of Business Communication

    Cloud-based communications means various things to various people, but the only definition that matters is the one that suits your needs. This UBM Tech ebook explores cloud-based voice services that keep employees and customers connected - no matter how technology ...

  • The State of Data Center Networking

    With business applications moving to the cloud, most companies now provide access to enterprise software applications via the Internet and through mobile devices. But concerns about security, reliability, performance, and control are driving enterprise IT departments to evaluate the network ...


  • Taking the Cloak off Targeted and Sophisticated Threats

    Organizations must marshal change in their operations to move ‘in lock-step’ with sophisticated attackers that pose a direct and credible threat to their operations, reputations and financial performance. Join this interactive webinar so you can get a clear understanding of: ...

  • The Economics of Cyber Crime

    Is your organization protected? Join HP for a discussion about the results of the study and find out how you can mitigate cyber crime risks.



8 Robots Making Waves



  • 2014 US IT Salary Survey: Executives

    Just 51% of 1,014 CIOs, CTOs, and VPs of IT rate their positions as very ­secure, while only 25% are very satisfied with all aspects of their jobs. Hey, no one said trailblazing is easy.

  • 6 Tools to Protect Big Data

    Most IT teams have their conventional databases covered in terms of security and business continuity. But as we enter the era of big data, Hadoop, and NoSQL, protection schemes need to evolve. In fact, big data could drive the next ...

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